Category Expertise & Specialized Solutions

KGM Strategy Group’s core competencies include deep expertise in spend analysis, the strategic sourcing process, cross-consolidation of expenditures, procurement process optimization, Private Equity procurement, and post-M&A synergy capture.

Category Expertise

For expenditures that are common to most companies, we have developed deep expertise, tools, and processes to achieve optimal results quickly. But it is our ability to apply our proven methodology to unique or customer-specific expenditure areas that really sets us apart.

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Private Equity Procurement

KGM Strategy Group works with over 50 Private Equity firms. We are a market leader in the PE space, helping PE firms gain cross-portfolio leverage and visibility, and driving major cost optimization projects within portfolio companies.

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Merger & Acquisition Integration

Our firm helps clients capture procurement-related M&A synergies with speed and hands on execution, from taking out cost to designing the combined procurement organization. And we support carve outs as well.

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