At KGM Strategy (the kinder, gentler marketing company), we offer a full menu of services to help you build or expand your online presence.

The services listed below are some of the more common marketing strategies currently in use today.  However, the world is constantly changing, and we’re committed to staying on top of current trends and tactics.  Our services are continuously evolving in order to provide cutting edge technology and extraordinary value to our clients.  If you’re looking for marketing help, and you don’t see what you want on this page, please contact us.

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Campaign Design and Management

At KGM, we advocate a targeted approach to marketing — defining objectives, tactics and time-frames is critical to success.  We believe that combining cutting edge internet tactics with traditional marketing can produce incredible results.  Instead of a random, shotgun approach, we use all available means to create a measurable, highly specific set of marketing actions and messages that are designed to achieve a specific goal: get new customers, increase sales from existing customers, or launch new products and services.

An effective campaign can help your prospect understand the value you offer, the problems you solve and the unique solutions you provide.  Targeted offers, landing pages, opt-in boxes and CTAs (call to action) all combine to guide a potential customer through your marketing funnel … and convert them into a satisfied customer.

We think creatively, fusing new strategies from existing marketing assets that you’ve already built.  (Not sure if you have any marketing assets?  Give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.)  Our goal is to help you create reliable marketing systems that are automated and easy to maintain.

Effective campaigns must be designed so they produce measurable results — ROI is a core deliverable.  We believe in the power of small business, and we want you to succeed … that’s how we measure our success!


Mobile Marketing

Sales of smartphones have increased exponentially in 2012.  Over 50 percent of new internet connections are from mobile devices.  As we become an increasingly mobile society, most communication will shift to smartphones and tablets.  You need to insure that your marketing, sales and even your customer service are mobile-friendly.

Take a step back from your business operations and imagine how your customers will interact with you from a mobile perspective.  Is your website easily viewable and navigable?  Can visitors find your phone number, email address and driving directions?  Are there options to click-to-call, click-to-email or find a map?  If you use videos, are they playable on mobile devices?

These are just a few of the changes you might need to make in order to position your business for the mobile future.  We can help.  Call us for a free strategy planning session and let’s talk mobile!  (610)400-1840


Social Media Management

Social media has become increasingly popular, and can be used as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.  Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be used to engage customers, manage your reputation, communicate news about your business, and drive traffic to your online offers.  Social engagement is a vital aspect of your marketing efforts, since most consumers now base their buying decisions on social proof and online reviews.

We can help design your social strategy, create your business profiles, and manage your communications.  Or, we can coach you on how to manage the day-to-day tasks yourself.  Don’t neglect this critical piece of your marketing puzzle!


SMS (Text) Marketing

The widespread use of smart phones is providing yet another avenue for marketers.  Just as email marketing can be used for targeting specific campaigns … text messaging can do the same for mobile users.

Businesses that benefit are those that receive mobile search traffic, such as tourist industries: restaurants, bars, theaters, attractions, etc.  But every business can tap into this engagement strategy by creative joint ventures or sponsoring community events.

Customers subscribe to your messages by texting a message to your SMS number (this is permission-based marketing).  You can then send short, targeted messages to subscribers about discounts, promotions, and special events.

As mobile search traffic expands, this opportunity will explode.  This is the wave of the future, and we can help you get properly positioned now.


Email Marketing

Building a list of your customers and prospects will provide you with an amazing new marketing asset for your business.  Using the latest software tools, you can create automated sequences of email messages that support highly-targeted marketing campaigns.

These campaigns can be designed to lead prospects systematically through your sales funnel, giving them valuable content and introducing them to your products and services.  The email messages can contain text, images or links to videos or other content on your website.

Existing customers can be kept up-to-date on new products, services or events.  Everyone on the list can be  given discounts or special promotions.  If sales are slow, you can always craft a compelling offer and send it out to your list for an instant boost in revenue.  The possibilities are endless!

We can help you design your list-building process — from encouraging people to sign up, to designing the offers and email marketing messages, and tracking campaign results.  This is a strategy every business can benefit from.



Video now accounts for over half of all search results on the internet.  It is a powerful tool not only for search engine rankings, but also for engaging with your customers.  The vast majority of people are more likely to watch a video than read an article or website content.  Video is seen as entertainment – and this can work to your advantage in several ways.

You can easily create videos for the internet that inform and entertain.  These videos should not be confused with high production quality commercials.  They should be short (under 3 minutes) and provide some valuable and immediately useful content for your prospects.  Videos can be created from digital photos (slide shows), and annotated with text, captions and a call-to-action.  The tools to accomplish this are relatively inexpensive.

Videos can be uploaded to sites like YouTube, and you can then post a link to the video on your website (or Google Places profile).  This results in a nice benefit for your search engine ranking, and also is a potent message for your customers.  You can demonstrate products and services, answer questions for your customers, or give a how-to demo.  Video is an enormously versatile marketing tool.

We can create videos to showcase your business, or provide coaching to help you create them yourself.  Another benefit of videos: they’re fun to make!


Reputation Management

Due to the prevalence of social media sites, comments about your business are now public.  Once something has been posted on the internet, it’s almost impossible to have it removed.  Even negative reviews from disgruntled employees can have a far-reaching impact on your online reputation.  It’s vital to pay attention to what’s being said about you online.

Reputation management has never been more important.  You need a strategy to monitor and respond to reviews and comments.  We can help design a simple system to keep you up-to-date on customer feedback, and advise you on response tactics when needed.


Google Places

Every local business needs to have a Google Places profile.  It’s simple to create; it usually appears at the top of the search results … and it’s free. We can help you get started, or if you already have a profile — we can optimize the listing for maximum impact and effectiveness.  There are lots of Places features that can be utilized to make your business stand out: photos and video to demonstrate a product or service; coupons to entice new customers; even a calendar to promote special events.

Your profile is also a place where reviews about your business are compiled from various websites around the internet.  What your customers say about you, your products and your customer service is now open and available for everyone to see.  It is critical to have a reputation management strategy; you need to monitor reviews and comments, and you’ll have to decide how to respond to any negative feedback.

Bing and Yahoo also have local map listings and directories, so you’ll need to be listed on those sites as well.  Their profiles are less complex, and rarely require maintenance.


Business Directories

There are multiple websites that allow free business listings: Merchant Circle, Insider Pages, Info Pages, Yellow Pages.  These directories help your search engine rankings and also provide additional profile pages where your business can be found by prospects.  In addition to the large, national directories, there are local directories that can be especially powerful sources.

These directories are used by Google, Bing and Yahoo to validate your status as a local bricks-and-mortar business.  They’re are also known as citations … and they play a role in getting you a top ranking in the search results.  It’s important to be listed in as many directories as possible.  Also, make sure that the information about your business is correct and consistent across all listings.

Many of these directories allow reviews to be posted, so your reputation management strategy will come into play here as well.  We can provide lists of important business directories for you, and either create them or coach you in creating and maintaining them.

Search Engine Optimization

There are many strategies to help get your business listed in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).  The strategies that will work for you depend on the type of business you have, your competition, and how far  behind them you are!

Search engine results are geared around search terms, or keywords.  It’s important to do the proper research to determine which keywords your prospective clients are using.  Once the keywords are selected, the competitiveness for each keyword will play a large role in how much effort is needed to get a top ranking.

Some of the tactics we use are: video marketing, article marketing, blogging, RSS feeds, content networks, social media … in addition to the local maps and directories mentioned above.  SEO results can be achieved in a variety of ways, and usually a hybrid approach works best.

We can help with keyword research, and competitive analysis to determine effective strategies for your search engine optimization.  We try to find affordable, sustainable methods to achieve your desired results.  We may also recommend changes to your website to facilitate better rankings.