Instant Customers with Text Message Marketing

Pop Quiz:  What type of marketing can be used to get customers into your business at the drop of a hat? Hint: print ads require too much lead time; online advertising requires your customers to be actively searching for you; emails may not be delivered or read promptly (or even at all). Answer:  text message […] Read more »

Your Customers Are Searching For You Online: Can They Find You?

  Here’s a video I made for you about local search. It shows you how to gain that coveted Page One position in the search results. If you haven’t explored the nuances of Google Places, check out this video. When you’re ready to create your very own Google Places listing, get started here: Read more »

QR Codes

QR codes (quick response codes) are an amazing way to encapsulate information into a scan-able image that can be deciphered by most smartphones. QR codes are similar to the bar-codes that you find on most products in the bookstore, grocery store, etc. With QR codes, you can turn almost any information into a scan-able image: […] Read more »

Online and Mobile Marketing Trends

Online and mobile marketing tools have changed dramatically in the last year or two … finally allowing small businesses access to these revenue-generating miracles.  Strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), local search results, video marketing, opt-in email lists, SMS (text) lists, mobile coupons and QR codes — were previously available only to larger companies, as […] Read more »