Grow Your Business Fast with Local Internet Marketing Strategies

We all want more customers, right?  If you’re still using old-school marketing methods — like print media and the Yellow Pages — there’s a good chance you’re missing out.

Recent studies reveal that over 80% of people search the internet first when shopping for a product or service.  If  they can’t find your business online … they’ll probably find your competitor!

Local internet marketing strategies are now widely available (and very affordable), even for the smallest business.  There are multiple ways to connect with potential new customers — as well as tools to create stronger, more profitable relationships with existing clients.

Google Places Map

Google Places

The term “local”, when used in the context of internet marketing (also known as online marketing), refers to the recent surge in the number of consumers searching for businesses and services within their own geographic region.

For example, the image at the left is a snapshot of the Google Places map taken for the search term, Restaurants in Philadelphia PA. Google is providing searchers with a visual map to display relevant local businesses for that search term.

In order for your potential customers to find you, it is imperative that your business be listed with Google. The Places map is only one method for prospects to find your business.  But it’s easy to setup, and usually at the very top of the search results page.  And it’s also free!

Notice that some of the listings are highlighted with a push-pin graphic (A, B, C), while others just have a red dot.  The top listings get clicked on by over 70% of visitors; all the red dots combined get less than 30% of the traffic.

Being at the top really pays off.

Is your business at the top of the search results, or languishing in a sea of red dots? Or are you missing from the map entirely?

We can help!  Fortunately, there are specific strategies to propel your business to the top.  Call us today for a free strategy planning session, and discover how online marketing can help you find hot leads and convert them into paying customers.